Resident Evil: Afterlife 4K Ultra HD Movie Review

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4K Ultra HD + Bluray + Digital HD

Release Date: January 17, 2017

Released By: Sony Pictures

Cast: Mila Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller

Run Time: 97 Minutes


“After a one-woman assault on the Umbrella Corporation’s fortress, Alice’s (Mila Jovovich) superhuman abilities are neutralized. Now, fleeing the Undead masses created by the T-virus, Alice reunites with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and her brother, Chris (Wentworth Miller). Together they take refuge with other survivors in an abandoned prison, where a savage zombie mob stands between them and the safety of “Arcadia.” Escaping these bloodthirsty mutants will take an arsenal. But facing off with Albert Wesker and the Umbrella Corporation will take the fight for survival to a new level of danger.”

My Review:

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment to the Resident Evil movie franchise. At the very beginning of this movie, Alice’s super powers are taken away after a massive battle with Wesker and the Umbrella Corp. Being vulnerable to the zombies once again, Alice is forced to take refuge wherever she can find. Along the way she reunites with her old friend Clair (from Resident Evil: Extinction), and they discover an abandoned prison being occupied by other survivors. However, the prison isn’t as safe as they thought it was. Breaking through the floors and the walls, the zombies compromise their safe zone forcing them to fight for their lives and flee once again. Now, as much as I wanted to like this movie, I couldn’t get into it at all. One thing I’ve always said was that even if a movie is a sequel to another, it has to be able to feel like it’s own movie as well. That’s definitely not the case here because if you haven’t seen the other movies, you’re going to be confused about a lot. I wish that was the only thing that bothered me but unfortunately, there’s more. This movie suffers big time from overacting, unrealistic characters, beyond possible scenarios, way over the top stunts, and some terrible special effects. Occasionally you come across a movie where you can still enjoy it as a mindless action popcorn flick despite it’s flaws but…that’s not the case here. At least not in my opinion. The story really didn’t do anything for me, and I didn’t care for any of the characters whatsoever. With that being, the 4K Ultra HD set does come with a nice amount of Special Features. You get an Audio Commentary, some Deleted/Extended Scenes, Outtakes (which I always love to see), and a handful of Featurettes. Unfortunately, they’re all featured on the Bluray disc for some reason. Overall, Resident Evil: Afterlife is all over the place, making it just feel sloppy. I’m not too sure why they chose to release the fourth movie on 4K Ultra HD over all of the other ones. I really can’t recommend this movie to anyone, especially to anyone who’s looking to watch a good zombie movie. The only reason I would purchase this is to complete the rest of the collection when it’s finally released.

Picture & Audio Quality:

As far as the Picture & Audio Quality on this 4K Ultra HD goes…they’re phenomenal. I could honestly say that it’s probably the only highlight to the movie.. The visuals are above and beyond, especially when in an all white room towards the end of the film. It was like watching things unfold in real time. The HDR also worked really well, and made everything look nice and smooth during the action scenes. The Dolby Atmos Audio practically blew my head off, making all of the sound effects feel lifelike as well.

Special Features:

Undead Vision: Picture-in-Picture

Audio Commentary

Deleted & Extended Scenes


Seven Featurettes

Overall Rating:

5.6 Out Of 10 Stars

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