The Monkey King 2 Bluray Movie Review

167430_frontThe Monkey King 2


Release Date:January 3, 2017

Released By: WellGoUSA

Cast: Aaron Kwok, Gong Li, William Feng, Xiao Shen Yang, Him Law, Kris Phillips

Run Time: 120 Minutes


“Soi Cheang and legendary action director Sammo Hung lead a star-studded cast in this sequel to the international blockbuster fantasy hit. 500 years after the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok, COLD WAR 2) wreaked havoc in heaven, a traveling monk (William Feng, WOLF TOTEM) releases him from his confines under the Five Finger Mountain. With newfound freedom the Monkey King vows to protect the innocent from a demon seeking immortality (Gong Li, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA) as he accompanies the monk on an epic journey to the West.”

My Review:

‘The Monkey King 2’ is the sequel to 2015’s ‘The Monkey King: Havoc In Heaven’s Palace’. This movie takes place 500 years after the events of the first movie, and starts off with a traveling Monk who’s on a journey to the West. The Monk gets into some trouble and stumbles upon the Monkey King, who just so happens to be trapped under the Five Finger Mountain. In need of help, the Monk releases the Monkey King so that he can protect him from the approaching danger (in which he does). Although hesitant at first, the Monkey King decides to tag along with the Monk, and vows to protect him from evil. Along the way, they come across a couple of other demon warrior allies, who decide to accompany them on their journey and protect the Monk. Thanks to the fiery eyes of the Monkey King, he’s able to sense/see danger when it’s close by. On this journey, the group come across a number of deadly demons but the worst of them all is the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon wants to eat the Monk because she believes that it will make her immortal, so that she can stop reincarnating. The group must fight for what’s right, and protect the innocent at all costs. Without giving anything else away, this movie is definitely very interesting. It’s the kind of movie, that you’ll know just from the trailer if it’s going to be your cup of tea or not. Personally, this usually isn’t the kind of movie that I enjoy watching. That being said, even though it had many goofy and “over the top” moments, there were still elements about it that I did enjoy. One of the main things being the action. Some of the fight scenes in this movie were choreographed so well. Also, a lot of the characters and their costumes looked pretty great and very detailed. But if there’s one thing that really stood out to me that made me really enjoy this movie, it would have to be the Special Features on the Bluray. After the movie had ended, I was unsure of how I felt about it until I started watching the “Making Of” Featurettes. You get to see what each actor had to go through to become their character. Some of them had to go through 7 hour long makeup sessions each day, some had to do go through extensive stunt training each day, and some even felt the pressure of portraying their character the proper way. These Special Features allow you to appreciate all of the hard work, dedication, and time that went into the movie. Overall, as I said before, this movie isn’t going to be for everybody but if you give it a chance, you might find that there is more to it than meets the eye. I would recommend picking this Bluray up and giving it a shot, if you haven’t already.

Picture & Audio Quality:

The Picture Quality on this Bluray is what ultimately stands out most to me. The visuals are so incredibly beautiful, and have so many vivid colors, that you can’t help but sit in awe while watching. Yes, there are some CGI issues that show out from time to time but they can be easily over looked because of how amazing everything else is. Another high point would have to be the Audio Quality on the Bluray. Not only were the sound effects lifelike but the Soundtrack itself was really on point. When the movie wanted you to feel nervous, happy, or scared, the Soundtrack allows you to sink in and feel those emotions.

Special Features:

Five-part “Making of” Featurette

– The Monkey King

– Bajie

– The Monk

– Wujing

– A New World

Overall Rating:

6.9 Out Of 10 Stars

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