Beyond The Sky – Bluray Movie Review

212907_frontBeyond The Sky


Release Date: November 6, 2018

Released By: Image Entertainment

Cast:  Ryan Carnes, Jordan Hinson, and Claude Duhamel

Run Time: 82 Minutes


“In Beyond The Sky, Chris Norton (Carnes) has been hearing about alien abductions his entire life but, in his gut, he knows they are not real. Setting out to disprove the alien abduction phenomenon once and for all, he attends a UFO convention to meet alleged abductees and reveal the truth behind their experiences. It is only when he meets Emily, who claims to have been abducted every seven years on her birthday, that Chris realizes there may be more to these claims than meets the eye. With Emily’s 28th birthday only days away, Chris helps her to uncover the truth as they come face to face with the reality that we are not alone.”

The Film:

Beyond The Sky follows the character Chris Norton as he tried to uncover the truths of UFO’s. As a child, Chris’ mother left him and his father due to what his father claims to be an alien abduction. Growing up hearing this, and believing that his mother left them because his father was an alcoholic, Chris sets out to prove his father wrong once and for all. He sets out to Roswell to make a documentary, interviewing people from a convention, who claim that they have been abducted. One of the people he speaks with is a girl named Emily, who claims to have been abducted multiple times throughout her life. As the movie goes on, Chris discovers many things, including some that he never would’ve expected. Now, I happen to get very creeped out by the thought of Alien abduction movies because of one that I saw as a kid. I don’t remember what it was called but I guess you can say it scarred me for life haha I don’t happen to like many of these types of films but I have to say, this one was pretty good. I liked it’s style, and the way the story played out. I’m also a fan of the occasional hand-cam styled filming for the documentary portion. It didn’t keep that style throughout the whole film but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed the characters, and thought the actors did a pretty good job with their roles. Some of the Special Effects used were better than expected because of the budget that the film had, and it was a pleasant surprise. If you’re a fan of films regarding Alien Abduction, I’d definitely say to check it out.

Picture & Audio Quality:

The Bluray provides a pretty nice and clear visual look. It’s occasionally filmed with a hand-cam so the visuals aren’t as consistent throughout as you might like but I happen to like the style that they chose. The Special Effects, and the coloring happened to look pretty nice as well. The Audio was done pretty well, and added a nice touch when things start to pick up. I don’t want to say much more because I could potentially spoil some parts, and I don’t want to do that.

Special Features:

This set offers a couple Special Features that I enjoyed, including an interview with some of the cast and crew. I always enjoy seeing what inspired their story, and this delivers.

Interview with Travis Walton, Alien Abductee and Author of “Fire in the Sky”

Interview with Navajo Artist at the International UFO Congress.


7.5 Out Of 10 Stars

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