Man Down Bluray Movie Review

171583_frontMan Down


Release Date: March 07, 2017

Released By: Lionsgate Films

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Jai Courtney, Gary Oldman, Kate Mara, and Clifton Collins Jr.

Run Time: 92 Minutes


“When U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf) returns home from his tour in Afghanistan, he finds that the place he once called home is no better than the battlefields he fought on overseas. Accompanied by his best friend Devin Roberts (Jai Courtney), a hard-nosed Marine whose natural instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later, he searches desperately for the location of his estranged son, Johnathan (Charlie Shotwell), and wife Natalie (Kate Mara). In their search, the two intercept Charles (Clifton Collins Jr.), a man carrying vital information about the whereabouts of Gabriel’s family. As we revisit the past, we are guided in unraveling the puzzle of Gabriel’s experience and what will eventually lead us to finding his family.”

My Review:

‘Man Down’ is an emotional rollercoaster that’s a bit complicated to describe. The film has a very strong cast which includes Shia LaBeouf, Jai Courtney, Kate Mara, and Gary Oldman. It revolves around the character Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf) who’s a U.S. Marine. The story jumps back and forth between his experiences before, during, and after his tour in Afghanistan. By explaining the story in full, I’d be giving away the whole thing including a twist, so I’m going to keep this review as simple as possible. ‘Man Down’ didn’t do too well in the Box Office. In fact, it wasn’t even playing in any theaters near me. It’s main downfall was it’s marketing because it was portrayed as a Post Apocalyptic movie, which is far from what it was. No matter what website I went to,  the synopsis was very vague and misleading. So I’m here to tell you what this movie is really about. ‘Man Down’ is a movie about a soldier suffering from severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Shia LaBeouf gives quite possibly his best performance, as he shows us just how brutal PTSD can actually be, and how it can deteriorate one’s mind. The movie isn’t perfect, and occasionally suffers from editing issues but that’s not what really bothers me. What really bothers me is how important it is, and how little it will be seen. PTSD is an extremely serious disorder, and after watching this film I feel like I have a much better understanding of how it can affect a person going through it, and everyone around them. Overall, I found Man Down to be an extremely powerful film. Yes, there are some occasional issues scattered throughout but in my opinion it’s outweighed by the good. It has a great cast with some fantastic acting. It will most definitely be making my Top 20 Films of 2016. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Picture & Audio Quality:

The Picture Quality on this Bluray has it’s ups and downs. During certain scenes it looks beautiful, crisp, full of detail, and like you’re watching it being filmed in real time. Then there are other scenes that make it look really low budget with the use of cheap looking filters. The Audio Quality on this Bluray was really well done. There were some war sequences with gunshots and explosions, which felt like it was actually happening around me.

Special Features:

Unfortunately we only get 1 Special Feature on this Bluray, and it’s an Audio Commentary. Although I’m glad it’s on there and gives some added information on the film, I would’ve much rather preferred a “Making Of” or “Behind The Scenes” instead. All Special Features will be listed below:

Audio Commentary

Overall Rating:

8.5 Out Of 10 Stars

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