Beyond Redemption Bluray Movie Review

169359_frontBeyond Redemption


Release Date: February 7, 2017

Released By: WellGoUSA

Cast: Nickolas Baric, Raymond Chan, Peter Chao

Run Time: 89 Minutes


“Master stuntman Brian Ho (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) stars in this action-packed thriller as undercover cop Billy Tong, who infiltrates the inner circle of a powerful gang in order to prove his loyalty to its leader (Don Lew, stunt performer in STAR TREK BEYOND). Venturing deeper and deeper into Vancouver’s seedy underbelly, Billy must maintain his cover if he wants to crack a high-stakes case involving those with dangerous connections to the Triad—at the risk of losing his own identity and his old life in the process.”

My Review:

Beyond Redemption revolves around a character named Billy Tong. Billy is a cop who is forced to go undercover in order to keep his job, after being involved in a case of police brutality. He makes ties with a dangerous gang referred to as the Triad, in order to get information and put them behind bars. Billy must continuously prove his loyalty to them, sometimes meaning that he must hurt and/or kill people. As he gets deeper and deeper into the case, he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and can potentially become a target. As the Triad questions his every move, he must find a way to crack the case, and more importantly protect his family. Now, I had a lot of issues with this movie. For starters, the story is unoriginal and you can see that the production value is very low. If done properly, a movie can still be really good if the production value is low but unfortunately, that isn’t the case with this one. Beyond Redemption suffers from a plethora of problems including audio issues, odd editing styles, predictability, and just plain bad acting. I’m not saying all of these actors are bad because I did see some potentially talented people (Osric Chau from Supernatuarl) but the script definitely held them back. With that being said, there was a positive side to the movie, and that was it’s action and fighting scenes. Some of the actors including Brian Ho who was the main actor, were stunt doubles and choreographers for some very big movies (X-Men, Transformers, Man Of Steel, etc). They showed off their talents in some really cool fight scenes throughout, which was honestly my favorite part of the movie. The Bluray set is also lacking by only including a couple of Special Features in total. Luckily, they were regarding the choreography of the fight scenes, so I enjoyed getting to see how they practiced before filming. Overall, Beyond Redemption won’t be getting my stamp of approval. The only way that I can really recommend it, is if you are already fans of the actors and stunt people.

Picture & Audio Quality:

The Picture Quality on the Bluray wasn’t bad but it left much to be desired. There weren’t many scenic shots, and the ones that were included were often downgraded by the strange editing style. As far as the the Audio Quality goes, it was even worse. You were able to hear everybody fine for the most part but occasionally the words would just be too low to hear. Another big issue with the Audio was the sound effects. During a majority of the fight scenes, they used a lot of those generic punch and kick sound effects which I personally don’t like. If using them wasn’t bad enough, the volume on them were too loud and completely took me out of the moment. Things like that are just too big for me to ignore and look past.

Special Features:

“Hallway Fight” – Featurette

“Mauler Opening Fight” – Featurette

Overall Rating:

4.8 Out Of 10 Stars


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