Train To Busan Bluray Movie Review

160541_frontTrain To Busan


Release Date: January 17, 2017

Released By: WellGoUSA

Cast: GONG Yoo, JUNG Yu-mi, MA Dong-seok, CHOI Woo-sik, AN So-hee, KIM Eui-sung, KIM Su-an

Run Time: 118 Minutes


“When a mysterious virus breaks out across the country, the infected turn into the murderous undead. A few terrified travelers find themselves trapped on a bullet train from hell, fighting for their lives as hordes of the living dead crash towards them, crawling closer with every stop. Suspicion is rife and tensions run high as some will do anything to survive and make it to the safe zone.”

My Review:

Train To Busan revolves around a father and his daughter, who seem to be struggling with their relationship. When the daughter requests to visit her mother for her birthday, the two board a train to Busan, where the mother lives. Once on the train, they meet/interact with a handful of other characters. The most notable being a husband and his pregnant wife. At one of the train stops, a woman gets on who appears to be sick. However, it turns out that the woman isn’t just sick, she’s infected. Starting with just a bite, the infection quickly spreads throughout the train due to it’s tight quarters. The father gets in contact with a coworker over the phone, and discovers that this isn’t just an issue on their train. The infection has swiftly spread worldwide, and that Busan is still the safest place to go. From this point forward, the father, his daughter, and the rest of the passengers must battle it out and do whatever it takes to survive as they make their way to the safe zone. Without giving anything else away, I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie. I had first seen the trailer for it many months ago and knew it would be something that I’d enjoy, especially being a huge fan of zombie movies. However, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I was pretty upset when I did some research, and found out the movie wasn’t playing in any theater near me. That was until a friend of mine discovered that it was playing at the Museum Of Moving Images in New York for the Korean Film Festival. Without any hesitation, we purchased tickets and anxiously waited for the date to arrive. Regardless of my excitement, I was slightly worried that my expectations would be a little too high because there was already a lot of buzz surrounding the film. Thankfully I had nothing to worry about because this movie did not disappoint in the slightest. Train To Busan had me going through all different emotions as it progressed. Not only is the movie fun but it’s also intense, creepy, and believe it or not, it’s very humorous as well. It has a good story, and the characters who help it play out are fantastic. I had a hate/love relationship with the father because of the way he treated his daughter in the beginning of the movie. He didn’t pay much attention to her, which is why she wanted to visit her mother. As the movie goes on, you see how much he does actually care and would do anything for her. Even though they are practically the main characters, they don’t hold spot of being my favorite. My favorite characters would have to be the husband and his pregnant wife. They were kind, strong, and very funny at times. I’ve seen many Korean Films over the years, and sometimes the comedy is just too over the top for me. Thankfully, with this film it was just right and nothing seemed to be overly done by any means. Overall, Train To Busan is such a fun ride. With it’s perfect blend of horror, suspense, and comedy, this movie truly has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s definitely one of the best zombie movies that I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t recommend checking it out enough. In addition to the film itself, the Bluray comes with a couple of cool Special Features including a Behind The Scenes, and a look at the cast and crew once the movie was done filming. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t any more but it’s still a nice extra little added touch.

Picture & Audio Quality:

Train To Busan looks and sounds incredible on Bluray. Not only did the scenic shots look good but seeing how crisp and clear the zombies were, made it that much more creepy. Unfortunately, having such good picture quality occasionally reveals some flaws. If you look closely, you can spot some issues with the CGI but it really isn’t anything to write home about. The audio quality was outstanding, often making the screams and screeches of the zombies feel like they were right next to you. Another high point of the movie was it’s soundtrack. It really helped me sink into the film and enjoy it even more.

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes

That’s A Wrap


Overall Rating:

9 Out Of 10 Stars

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