Burnt Bluray Movie Review


Bluray + Digital HD

Release Date: January 26, 2016

Released By: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl

Run Time:  101 Minutes


“Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) was once a top chef in Paris until drugs and alcohol led to a meltdown that put his career on hold. After moving from New Orleans to London, Adam gets a shot at redemption when his former maitre d’ (Daniel Brühl) reluctantly hires him as the head chef of his fine-dining restaurant. Demanding perfection from his newly formed staff (Sienna Miller, Omar Sy), the acerbic and temperamental Jones gets a second chance to fulfill his dream of earning a third Michelin star.”

My Review:

Burnt follows the story of a character named Adam Jones, who is played by Bradley Cooper. Adam Jones was a Top Chef in Paris with two Michelin Stars, until his career took a turn for the worse due to his addiction with drugs and alcohol. The story takes place years later in London, after Adam cleaned himself up. He now has his mind set on redeeming himself and earning a third Michelin Star. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as easy as he would like it to be. First he has to reconnect and make amends with the people he hurt in the past. Luckily his old friend/Maitre D hires him and gives him a shot at redemption. Now equipped with a new and skilled staff, Adam has a chance to finally achieve his dreams. After watching the trailers, I was very interested in seeing this movie but I didn’t know what to expect. Having seen the movie ‘Chef’ last year, and loving it, I didn’t know if this would be too similar or completely different. To my surprise, it was both different, and I really wound up enjoying this one as well. Bradley Cooper does a fantastic job playing Adam Jones. There are so many different emotions that his character goes through, and only an actor with a lot of talent could pull it off. When I first discovered Cooper, it was in the movie ‘Midnight Meat Train’. While watching the movie, I remember my first thought was “wow this is some of the worst acing I have seen”. Well, he has come a long way from that point, and has completely proven me wrong. He portrays the character perfectly, and makes him very relatable to the viewer. We’ve have all had hard times that we had to overcome, and we’ve all made decisions that we wish we hadn’t. What makes or breaks us is what we take from it all, and how we come back from it. That’s what this story shows us, and that’s why I liked it a lot. This movie also looks and sounds great on Bluray, and it comes with a nice handful of Special Features. We get a look behind the scenes with ‘Burnt: In The Kitchen With Bradley Cooper’, five Deleted Scenes, a Q&A with the Director and the Cast, and a Feature Commentary as well. Overall, Burnt is a mixed bag of emotions which ultimately leads up to a very inspirational story. It has some great characters with a great cast that brings them to life, and it has some twists and turns which makes it unpredictable. The Picture & Audio Quality on the Bluray are fantastic, and it includes plenty of Special Features to keep you busy once the movie is over. I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

Special Features:

Burnt: In the Kitchen with Bradley Cooper

Deleted scenes

– Breakfast of Champs

– Drugging the Food Critic

– Thanks for Dining at the Langham

– Helene’s Ex

– Cooking at Helene’s

Q&A highlights with the Director and cast

Feature Commentary with Director John Wells and Executive Chef Consultant Marcus Wareing.

Overall Rating:

8 Out Of 10 Stars


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