Child 44 Bluray Movie Review

51JkdLpQzcL._SX342_Child 44

Bluray + Digital HD

Release Date: August 4, 2015

Released By: Lionsgate Films

Cast: Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman

Run Time: 137 Minutes


A politically-charged serial killer thriller set in 1953 Soviet Russia, Child 44 chronicles the crisis of conscience for secret police agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), who loses status, power and home when he refuses to denounce his own wife, Raisa (Noomi Rapace), as a traitor. Exiled from Moscow to a grim provincial outpost, Leo and Raisa join forces with General Mikhail Nesterov (Gary Oldman) to track down a serial killer who preys on young boys. Their quest for justice threatens a system-wide cover-up enforced by Leo’s psychopathic rival Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), who insists “There is no crime in Paradise.” Based on the first novel in author Tom Rob Smith’s best-selling trilogy.

My Review:

What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said a million times?…I liked it. Child 44 was one of my most anticipated movies of the year ever since I had seen the trailer for it. When it was finally released and received mainly negative reviews, I have to say that I was turned off from it. Having only heard one or two positive reviews on it, gave me little hope. I skipped it when it was in the theaters but never fully gave up on it because of the fantastic cast. I’m glad I didn’t because finally getting to see it on Bluray has made realize once again, that you have to make your own judgements/opinions on movies. The story was a bit different from what the trailer had portrayed it as but nonetheless, very interesting. It shows how corrupt a government can be, and how if you go against the system, they’ll do everything in their power to cover up their tracks. Tom Hardy’s character, Leo Demidov, had a very high status due to his being blind of what was really going on and covered up around him. Once his friends child dies, he started to notice that things weren’t adding up. Soon after, the government wanted him to denounce his own wife for being a traitor. He couldn’t bring himself to do this, so he pretty much loses everything from his rank, to his home…and that’s where the story really begins. Him and his wife are forced to move away and start over in a new location. When the murder of another child occurs, Leo Demidov notices a similarity between this, and the death of his friends child, amongst many others. From this point forward, he is focused and determined to find the truth, and shed light on what has really been going on. At times, the story is a bit all over the place and doesn’t focus on the main topic at hand but not so much that it ruins the movie. The cast is fantastic, with Tom Hardy at the lead. I’ve seen almost every movie that he’s been in, and he as yet to disappoint me. I’m not as familiar with the work Noomi Rapace but after her performance in this movie, I want to be. Joel Kinnaman also does a great job playing as the “bad guy”. I’m fairly new to his work as well but he’s very versatile and I like what I’ve seen so far. As far as Gary Oldman, he’s very underused and his character is underdeveloped in this movie. It’s a shame because he was great in what ever little amount of scenes that he was in. Regardless, he was a nice little addition to the movie and played his part very well. The Picture and Audio quality were fantastic as well. The dark tones and gritty environment really set the mood for it all. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and feel that it is very underrated. It was a bit longer than it needed to be, and even though the story didn’t always stay focused, it was never enough for me to dislike the movie and give it a bad rating. It’s worth at least a one time watch for the performances alone.

Special Features:

“Reflections Of History” Featurette

Overall Rating:

7 Out Of 10 Stars


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