For The Emperor Bluray Movie Review

128571_front-1For The Emperor


Release Date: July 7, 2015

Released By: WellGoUSA

Cast: Lee Min-ki, Park Sung-woong, Lee Tae-im, Han Jae-young, Lee Jae-won

Run Time: 104 Minutes


“A disgraced pro baseball player goes to work for a mob-connected loan shark, rising through the ranks of money and power. But when his love interest disappears, he finds himself in a deadly battle of wits against his bloodthirsty mentor.”

My Review:

For The Emperor… A movie in which I hadn’t heard any buzz over. A movie that I had judged even before I gave it a chance. Well, I’m here to say that, that’s was a dumb move on my part because this movie was a big surprise. Don’t you love when that happens? I know I do. The story is basically about a gambler, that’s willing to do anything for money. It doesn’t matter who he hurts, or who gets in his way, as long as he gets what he wants. I have to say, this was an intense movie. The acting was incredible. The lead actor played his part so well, and so intensely, that I myself felt intimidated at times just watching him. The main characters boss was also pretty intense. Often reminding me of the character ‘Gus Fring’ from ‘Breaking Bad’. Aside from the fact that his dress code was very neat and clean cut, it was the way he kept his cool. He stayed calm and professional throughout the whole movie, even when he knew what was going on around him. This movie is also full of some brutal action scenes. For a movie such as this, I would have expected the use of guns, and a lot of it. To my surprise, and don’t quote me on this but I don’t think there was one gun throughout this entire movie. Instead, it was full of knives, and stabbing…a lot of stabbing. Like the kind of stabbing that was in that trunk scene from the movie ‘Goodfellas’, only much more of it. One thing that I always enjoy seeing, are surprise twists. This movie had not just one of them, it had many. To the point that I even said to myself “Wow, there are so many plot twists”, and as soon as I finished saying it, one of the characters in the movie said nearly the same exact thing. The Picture Quality was fantastic. The way that some of the scenes were shot, were breathtaking. The Audio Quality was also really good. Overall, I had a really good time watching this one. If you’re into intense, brutal action movies with a pretty good story, I recommend this one to you.

Special Features:


Overall Rating:

7 Out Of 10 Stars

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